Bis ins Blut.

Unerschütterliche Treue. Unerschöpfliche Hilfe. Bedingungslos. In nur jeder erdenklichen Situationen. Nichts was rüttelt, wackelt oder fällt. Mit beiden Beinen stehen und bleiben. Egal wann, was, wie und wo. When memories of past events get tangled up inside your head, with certain thoughts that you can’t suppress. I will carry you to a destination far from there. We can take the worst part, tear it down and cut it up, bury the pieces and mark the spot. And if that’s what it takes, my shoulders and my legs to break, my back to bend and my hands to shake. I will carry you. Immer. Bis wir alt und grau und faltig sind.

Just minutes before I was on a mountain. I screamed "I can see all." The ground broke from the sound. It was all built on nothing!
My favorite color. Dich nehm ich mit. Gefunden. "You know what i wish? I wish all the scum of the Earth had one throat and i had my hands about it." (Rorschach, 1975) Every town has an Elm ... eh Sesame Street. Es ist wieder 1994.


Some things in life may change - and some things - they stay the same.


Young until I die und leben like live your heart and never follow!

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